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Jcrack Hizzouse

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Jcrack Hizzouse is a LiveJournal/MSN based RPG. Our sister RPG is kcrack_hizzouse. There may be occasional crossover, however we are trying to keep the two rps mostly separate. (There are a few exceptions, like Miyavi. But you know, Miyavi breaks all the rules anyway. XD)

If you would like to join, please read the rules first!!

1) You must be active and post on LJ at least every other week with at least one of your characters! If not, you will be removed from the RP. You need to update with every one of your characters at least semi regularly.
2) You must have an MSN name and at least get online once a week. Or so.
3) If you need to go on Hiatus, please post to this community letting us know.
4) You can only claim up to two people per group. (Unless it is a huge group like K8, and then you can have 3)
5) Be nice! Keep drama to yourselves. We would like this to be a fun, happy, fluffy rp.
6) Please keep anything NC-17 out of LJ. That’s what MSN is for? XD
7) Have fun!!!

Okay so, if you want to join, go to the Claims List and claim your character. As soon as you have made their LJ, reply there with it. And if you’re new to our RP, please post in the community introducing yourself and giving your MSN name. ^_^ Also, make sure to join the community with your character.

Mina (bitofajungle)
Cilia (cilica)
Meri (imawndrboiyea)